by Joe Isaiah

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released December 19, 2016

Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Freejay MacLoud at Freejay Studio in Austin Texas.



all rights reserved


Joe Isaiah New York, New York

Sometimes manic, sometimes depressive, always moody. Snowy folk tunes coming from Long Island, New York. Originally from Buffalo.

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Track Name: I Am the Enemy
I am the enemy, I wear my hair long
Each voice I listen to is a new act of war
And I'm under surveillance, they're after me, ma
I'm afraid I have taken to screening my calls

I don't wanna die for this land's faded glory
Or even the freedom they hardly allow me
Some asshole could pick my name out of a fishbowl
At least I can choose the cigarettes that I smoke

I'm starting to see, now, the power of many
You've shown us your muscles and you've used your big words
But I won't hold my breath for some plain-spoken savior
Dys- or utopia, whichever comes first

Each beer is a time machine and I'm looking forward
I place all the empties in recycling bins
I'm long dead and gone but my trash still remains
So I'll take that coffee to go, if you will

I don't know my place on this struggling planet
I stand like a ghost before the governor's hall
I walk in the woods now, got dirt down my t-shirt
The trees are all screaming at me "Get a job!"

Don't follow the enemy, you'll find yourself lost
Track Name: Flower's Battle
O those butterflies keep your eyes open
Tomorrow raps at your door
The one you slam in the face of yesterday,
the moments we mourn
Singing songs in a basement apartment
I got sick from cigarettes
Cup of tea navigating my veins, lay me down to rest

My time will come, an open window
I could drown in my own wake
The angry earth could swallow me whole
Or the lord, my soul, could take

I'm inspired as I fly into darkness
I pull teeth in the light
Feeling brave as I gaze into the pit,
weak when the time is right
Like a dream disappears in the morning
I'll fall like the rest
Like the rest of the aimless grains of sand in the hourglass

I could fight the flower's battle
I could climb the golden rope
Follow the cobblestone's example
Lose myself in endless old growth
Track Name: Devil in a Black Wool Hat
When I was young a lady in black told me I was a bad kid,
I was a bad kid
Took my by the wrist, said "If you don't stop laughing,
your mother will have to find out what you did"

But I was not sorry about my misconduct,
if I believe that I've fucked up
I'm down on my knees
A pew or a park bench and sipping red wine
Or falling asleep counting rosary beads

If somebody saved me, well I cannot thank them
No, I never claimed to be gentle or kind
My lady is crying and I meant to hurt her
If you're leaving the sinners, I best stay behind

You can believe it or not, but that don't change nothing
You can believe it
Or not

Someone above rules the great cloudy kingdom
Well, I know whose footsteps walk across the land
He raps at your door and there is no deliverance
From the devil in his black wool hat
From the devil
in your black wool hat
Track Name: Bury Me
One night, one bottle beside me
One night, asleep in the hay
One night, one night, one night, and the lights burn til morning
The whole night dissolving away

And collecting around me
Like ghosts, they do haunt me
One day I will carry their burden no more
Or else they will bury me
Forgetting is easy

One night, one buck for your blessing
One night, it's all I could spare
One night, one night, one night, and the calls from my mother
Remind me what I'm missing there

The trouble's beyond me
They're living without me
One day I will bury the ones that I love
Or else they will bury me
Who's got it easy?
Track Name: Machine Devoured the Man
Machine devoured the man, machine devoured the man
O machine devoured the man

But first, man devoured the earth
And found that his own shit could increase his net worth
Still turns a profit off a bloody carcass
Man devoured the earth

From the mine to the ship to the chip that they'll plant in my brain
What it takes to be part of the living will kill us in the end

Machine devoured the man
Machines only do what the people demand
Cops get machine guns, the school barely stands
Machine devoured the man

And then fear devoured the word
Spread like a sickness 'cross cellular networks
We'll all fall in line under clandestine eyes
when the truth doesn't matter

And the faithless will follow the lion into the den
And the lion will force all the faithless to rip apart the lamb
and he's always watching

Machine devoured the man, machine devoured the man
We had the power ripped right from our hands
When machine devoured the man